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Bridgestone Supporting Teams

Hong Kong / IVE Solar Car Team

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

Drive a sustainable future

Hong Kong / IVE Solar Car Team

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

Class Cruiser Class
Team Name IVE Solar Car Team
University Name Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
BWSC Entry The 3rd time
Past results for solar car events Bridgestone World Solar Challenge
・2013 (4th, Adventure Class)
Shell Eco Marathon Asia
・2012 (2nd)

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Characteristics of team

The IVE Solar Car Team (SOPHIE), a team that focuses on developing a solar-powered vehicle, was established by the IVE Engineering Discipline of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) Tsing Yi in 2010. SOPHIE consists of 24 students from both Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering working together towards excellence. They design an innovative and more sustainable vehicle called ‘SOPHIE’. SOPHIE is designed to demonstrate the viability of a renewable energy through using the green transportation, promoting the environmental sustainability among the public. With the support from IVE and the solar industry, our team has successfully built 6 ‘SOPHIEs’ since 2010. It also provides students with an opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice, gain hands-on experience, and practice project management skills during development.

Team's "ambitions"
for this year's BWSC

As the 3rd time participating in WSC, SOPHIE IVE Solar Car Team has already built-up the good relationship with BWSC, and is pleasure to achieve the entire BWSC journey. Through our determination and diligence and with the support of our sponsors, we completed the incredible distance of 3000km in our debut in WSC. This race is a good practice for the team to enforce their wits and adapt to the unpredictable environment. We gained a lot from the precious experience and we hope we will continue to join diverse competitions, in which we can achieve higher awards. In the coming WSC 2017 in Australia, it is our honour to release our latest Solar Car model- SOPHIE VI, and engage in the cruiser class competition. We believe SOPHIE VI would obtain the remarkable result, and credible performance with the support from BWSC.

Message from Bridgestone
to Asia Oceania Teams

Bridgestone Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Channel & Branding Marketing Manager
Sin Harng Yee

Bridgestone Asia Pacific regional head office supports the region’s requests, selection, & coordination towards presenting the most inspired teams from this part of the world. Our enthusiastic teammates from each market work tirelessly with their supported teams in providing tyre knowledge, marketing support, & encouragement in the months leading up to a successful 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge event this year.

On any grueling day, the challenge is not about concluding the 24 hours, but where you have arrived given the span of time and your own limits. When you embrace the challenge and touch this limit, you would have overcome barriers unknown to be rewarded something extra to challenge the next 24 hours.
So look further, aim higher, and strive longer. Your reward from BWSC17 shall forever be equal to none through the experiences your team will gain.
Good luck and Godspeed.

Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Channel & Branding
Marketing Manager
Sin Harng Yee